Professional Services

Intelligent Focus On The Athlete

All professional athletes should approach solving personal problems in the quickest and most private manner possible. I have a unique secret approach to helping athletes solve personal problems and maintain confidentiality throughout the process.

Be smart and keep the public out of your private life. If you are experiencing personal problems, individual or family in nature, and you do not want the problems to adversely affect your career, then take my advice and get your personal problems resolved quickly and privately. I would advocate maintaining strict confidentiality if you are experiencing personal or family problems. My approach is effective and I have been very successful helping athletes solve personal and family problems and maintain confidentiality.

Keep your private life private! You are taking a big risk when you fail to resolve personal problems quickly and privately. Every professional athlete should ask these questions: Do you want to become a subject and/or victim of the court of public opinions? What happens if the media learns that you are struggling with a personal issue - will it give you a pass or will you become a subject on prime-time news seven days a week for an extended period of time?

Personal Problems

If you are experiencing personal problems that are not addressed and resolved they will destroy your career. I help athletes find real and lasting solutions to a wide range of personal problems. Personal problems can be individual or family related. I have a proven system for helping you solve the personal problems that can destroy your career if left unresolved.

Take advantage of my offer, and use your free one-time (no obligation) phone consultation. Call me and learn how I can help you stay in the game. I will share with you a list of personal problems that you must make every effort to keep private and resolve quickly and confidentially. This is a key factor along with performance in achieving longevity in professional sports.

Professional Consultancy

I assist athletes in adjusting successfully to the high demands of professional sports. This includes personal problem solving as well as the development and implementation of plans to succeed on-and-off the field. I guide athletes to proficiency in the areas of self-management, time management, goal setting, and career planning. I am uniquely qualified in the areas of player development and transition. My objective is to encourage and instill positive behaviors that will aid athletes in achieving their career goals. The ultimate goal of my consultancy is to help athletes stay in the game and experience a successful career.

Sports Psychology

One approach to staying in the game is to solve performance problems. In many cases, performance problems have nothing to do with the physical capability of the athlete. Sports psychology is a resource for developing specific non-physical skills that may aid in the improvement of individual performance. In sports psychology I like to focus on three main areas - competitiveness, self-control, and coachability. In these three areas, I can often identify the problems and can construct solutions to improve an athletes’ performance.

Some athletes face mental barriers that prevent them from performing to their peak potential, and others are simply interested in learning more about being "in the zone." Some athletes need to participate in behavioral modification counseling, while others want to learn how to establish appropriate vision and manage motivation. In either case, my sports psychology services help athletes stay in the game longer and achieve at a high level.

Transition Coach - Career Counseling and Post Career Adjusting

As an athlete you trained to be the fastest, strongest, most versatile, and skilled player at your position. You dedicated an enormous amount of time trying to be one of the best athletes in the world.

Do you know what your next step will be when you walk away from the game? Just like the game plan preparing you for your next opponent, you will need a game plan to prepare for a future career; to help you develop new skills, to create a new network of teammates, and that gives you the benefit of a coach who can assist you each step of the way off the field, and after your playing days.

Career transition is a challenging step all athletes take. I have great resources to assist athletes with the transition process. When that time arrives, you will have confidence with me as your transition coach.